Call for Papers: Economists Talk Art

November 2, 2023

Economists Talk Art invites submissions of full published papers written in blog format for a non specialist and general audience. We are seeking engaging and informative articles that explore the intersection of economics and the world of arts and culture. 

Papers submitted to Economists Talk Art can encompass a wide range of content. We welcome summaries and discussions of previously published academic papers, research books, and Ph.D. theses. This inclusive approach allows authors to share valuable insights and perspectives on existing scholarly work, promoting a deeper understanding of economics and its relationship with the world of art. 

Economists Talk Art extends a warm invitation to scholars from various disciplines beyond economics. While our primary focus revolves around the intersection of economics and art, we recognize that valuable insights can emerge from diverse academic backgrounds. Whether you are a researcher in psychology, sociology, cultural studies, history, or any other related field, we encourage you to explore how your discipline intersects with the world of art and economics. By including multidisciplinary perspectives, we aim to create a richer and more comprehensive dialogue that transcends traditional academic boundaries and contributes to a holistic understanding of the dynamic relationship between art and various academic domains.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Length: Generally around 900 words.
  • Include a 50-word pitch: Summarise your paper’s main message and why it matters.
  • Visual Elements: Incorporate a few core graphs/figures to enhance understanding.
  • Image: Include an opening image that somehow represents your paper (ensure copyright).

Submission Categories:

  • Economics of Art: Analyse the economic aspects of the art world. This can include topics like the art market, pricing, art as an investment, or the impact of economic trends on the art industry.
  • Art and Society: Explore the societal implications of art and culture. Discuss how art can influence social change, express economic disparities, or shape public perception.
  • Creative Economics: Investigate the creative process from an economic perspective. This can encompass the economics of creativity, innovation in art, and the role of art in fostering innovation.
  • Art and Education: Examine the economics of art education, the value of arts in schools, or the impact of cultural policies on the economy.
  • Art and Technology: Investigate the intersection of art, technology, and economics, including the impact of digitalization on the art world.
  • Arts and Sustainability: Examine the growing awareness of the importance of sustainability in the art and cultural world and the potential for art to drive positive environmental and social change.

Authors are welcome to submit subjects beyond these topics.

Why Publish with Economists Talk Art?

  • Reach a broad and interested readership.
  • Contribute to the discussion at the crossroads of economics and art.
  • Foster a better understanding of economic principles and their relevance to everyday life.
  • Showcase your work in summarised and accessible form.

Submission Deadline:

Please submit your full papers to and by December 15th 2023.

Join us in making economics and art accessible to all. Share your insights, analysis, and passion for these fascinating topics with a global audience. Economists Talk Art looks forward to reading your contributions and sharing them with the world.

Entries will be reviewed by the ETA editors Trilce Navarrete, Marie Ballarini, and Alice Fontana and authors will be notified by the end of January 2024. 

The Economists Talk Art blog is an initiative of the Association of Cultural Economics International.

Find the pdf here.

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