Association for Cultural
Economics International

The Association for Cultural Economics International (ACEI) is a society of academics, practitioners, industry professionals and policy makers which promotes scholarly investigation of issues involved in the economics of the arts and cultural activities.

The ACEI provides opportunities for sharing the latest research through events both in person and online such as at our regular conferences, workshops and seminars. Also the ACEI is associated with the Journal of Cultural Economics and also publishes a Working Paper Series. Members of the ACEI also engage more broadly to share and promote research through popular media, social media and via the dedicated blog Economists Talk Art.

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The Journal of Cultural Economics

The Journal of Cultural Economics published by Springer is recognised as the Associations official academic journal. Membership to the Association entitles free access to the journal, either online or in print (depending upon type of membership). 

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An International Association

With members from across the globe, the people that make up the Association come from a range of different cultural backgrounds which the Association values. The Association also offers the opportunity to extend membership privileges into under-represented regions of the world, particularly where this can assist in advancing research that deals with the arts and culture from across all parts of the world including in developing countries. New members are welcome to join and new members to the Association from developing countries may be eligible for complimentary membership. To find out more Contact Us   

In addition to the International Association there are regional chapters of the Association based in Poland and Japan.

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Upcoming Events

The ACEI biennale conference is being hosted by the University of Indiana and will be held in Bloomington, Indiana (United States) from 27-30 June 2023. Find out more about this years conference and we hope to see you in Bloomington.

April 14
Gatekeepers in the Art Market Workshop
June 27
22nd International Conference on Cultural Economics

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Members of the ACEI will be part of a network of scholars, researchers and practitioners interested in advancing cultural economics.

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Economists talk art is set up to promote and disseminate research-based (policy) analysis and commentary by cultural economists.

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