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EWACE24_Call for papers

The 11th European Workshop on Applied Cultural Economics will be hosted by the University of Valladolid in Segovia, Spain from 4-6 Sept 2024.


The workshop will start with a welcoming event in the evening of the 4th of September followed by presentations and discussions on the two subsequent days.
Conference language: English.
The extended abstract (500-700 words) should provide a concise and informative summary of your research, covering the following elements: introduction, clearly stating the research question, methodology and data, and key findings.
Deadline for submitting extended abstracts, as e-mail attachments (pdf, word) to Juan Prieto-Rodriguez []: February 15th, 2024.
Authors will be notified regarding a conditional acceptance or rejection by March 15th, 2024.
The acceptance will be made conditional on submitting draft papers and on the registration to the conference at its official webpage, by June 15th, 2024.

EWACE2024 is announced

Upcoming Conference

The Association is delighted to announce that the Center for Cultural Affairs (CCA) at Indiana University  will host the 22nd International Conference on Cultural Economics. This will see the next ACEI conference take place in Bloomington, Indiana which will be the first time in over a decade since the conference was last held in North America.  Dates to save and plan for are 27-30 June, 2023. The local organisers (Joanna WoronkowiczDouglas Noonan and Michael Rushton) put in a very impressive bid and certainly this promises to be a most memorable conference that will be extra special to us all after the disruption caused by the pandemic.

Registering Interest to Host a Conference

The International Conference on Cultural Economics is currently held every 2 years with regional workshops running in-between conference years.  

If you are interested in organising a forthcoming conference please contact the current ACEI Treasurer/Secretary Bronwyn Coate ( for further information It is also encouraged that potential hosts flag their interest in hosting with the current President (link to page with office bearers) of the Association.


The ACEI is currently seeking Expressions of Interest (EOIs) to host the 23rd International Conference on Cultural Economics. Any teams interested in putting in an application for their institution to host ACEI2025 can refer to the ACEI Conference host template to guide what needs to go into the EOI.  All EOI’s must be submitted to the Executive Secretary / Treasurer by Sunday 10 June 2023. It is envisaged that the successful bid to host will be announced at the forthcoming conference in Bloomington.

Prizes Awarded at the Conference

The following prizes are awarded at the biennale conference.

The Presidents’ Prize

 Award for the best paper by a young scholar at the ACEI biennial conference.

Prize: USD 1,000 plus publication in the Journal of Cultural Economics, with special mention upon publication of being the Prize winner.

Eligibility criteria: At least one of the co-authors on the paper is a young scholar. This applies to all graduate students plus early career scholars who are within early stages of their career after recently completing their Doctorate.

Selection process: The Presidents’ Prize is determined by the more recent Past President, the current Present and the future President or President-elect of the ACEI. The 3 Presidents will meet with one or both of the co-editors of the Journal of Cultural Economics to select the winner.


“Women artists,” Abby LeBlanc (Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts) and Stephen Sheppard (Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts)


Anne-Sophie Radermecker. Vol. 43, no. 3, September 2019 “Artworks without names: an insight into the market for anonymous paintings”


Noemi Berlin (University of Edinburgh), Anna Bernard (University of Paris-I), & Guillaume Furst (University of Geneva) “Time spent on new songs: Word-of-mouth and price effects on teenager consumption”


“Clustering does not always benefit the artistic output: New evidence for classical composers,” Karol Jan Borowiecki (Trinity College, Dublin)


Jonathan Beck (Wissenschaftzentrum Berlin, Humboldt University “The sales effect of word of mouth: A model for creative goods and estimates for novels”


Veronique Chossat (University of Rheims) & Olivier Gergaud (University of Rheims and University of Paris-I) "Expert Opinion and Gastronomy: The Recipe for Success"


Xavier Castañer (University of Minnesota) & Lorenzo Campos (iSOCO, Spain) "The determinants of artistic innovation: Bringing in the role of organizations"

The Pommerehne Prize

Award for the best paper of the past two years (i.e., between the two biennial conferences) in the Journal of Cultural Economics….(more go into content below)

Prize: USD 1,000 plus special mention of being the Prize winner.

Eligibility criteria: All papers published in the Journal of Cultural Economics over period since the last conference at which the previous Pommerehne Prize was awarded Prize will be automatically eligible for consideration.

Selection process: The Journal of Cultural Economics Co-editors will recommend the Pommerehne Prize winner to the Executive Board of the ACEI for the Board to ratify. In the case where the co-editors are unable to made a clear recommendation, a short-list of candidates will be provided to the Executive Board. The Board members will be expected to read the papers and vote to determine the prize winner.


Joel Waldfogel (Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota) “Dining out as cultural trade’


Daniel Wheatley (University of Birmingham) & Craig Bickerton (Nottingham Trent University) "Measuring changes in subjective well-being from engagement in the arts, culture and sport"


Luc Champarnaud. Vol. 38, no. 4, November “Prices for superstars can flatten out”



Marc Bourreau, Michel Gensollen, Francois Moreau, & Patrick Waelbroeck. Vol. 37, no. 3, August 2013 “Selling less of more? The impact of digitization on record companies”


Chanont Banternghansa & Kathryn Graddy. Vol. 35, no. 2, May 2011 "The impact of the Droit de Suite in the UK: An empirical analysis"


Darlene C. Chisholm, Margaret S. McMillan, & George Norman. Vol. 34, no. 2, May 20122010 "Product differentiation and film-programming choice: Do first-run movie theatres show the same films?"


Morris Holbrook & Michela Addis. Vol. 32, no. 2, June 2008 “Art versus commerce in the movie industry: A two-path model of motion picture success”


S. Abraham Ravid, John K. Wald, & Suman Basuroy. Vol. 30, no. 3, December 2006 “Distributors and film critics: Does it take two to tango?”


Jaap Boter, Jan Rouwendal, & Michel Wedel, Vol. 29, no. 1, February 2005 "Employing travel time to compare the value of competing cultural organizations"

Victor Fernández Blanco Prize

Awarded to the best full paper submitted to the Young Researcher Workshop.

Prize: USD 500 and special mention during the ACEI Conference General Assembly meeting and on the ACEI website

Eligibility criteria: Papers accepted for the ACEI Young Researchers Workshop (YRW) are eligible for the Best Paper Award. All full papers submitted by the deadline will enter the competition, unless the author of a paper explicitly opts out of the procedure (via email to the facilitator of the YRW before the full paper submission deadline). The criteria correspond to the Aims & Scope of the Journal of Cultural Economics. The winner of the YRW Best Paper Award is announced during the ACEI General Assembly and on the ACEI website. The winner also receives US$500. Furthermore, the editors of the Journal of Cultural Economics jointly decide whether the winning paper enters the reviewing process for publication in that journal.

The facilitator of the YRW and the editors of the Journal of Cultural Economics jointly determine the winner of the YRW Best Paper Award. The decision is made in a closed meeting after the YRW has taken place and before the ACEI General Assembly. The winner is determined via a majority vote, with the YRW facilitator and the journal editors each casting one vote. In case of a voting tie or any other problem for this committee to nominate a winner, they may involve the current ACEI President and President elect to also cast a vote on a shortlist of eligible papers.


Alexander Cuntz (World Intellectual Property Organization) and Matthias Sahli (World Intellectual Property Organization) "Intermediary liability and trade in follow-on innovation"

Young Researchers Workshop Best Paper Award

Best paper award is a prestigious award given to the researcher who has published best paper and high Metric articles in the journal/Conference. The award is given to the researcher fully merit based and who has submitted high profile nomination. The criteria for being given the best paper award are that the paper must be original, well-written, and contribute to the field of Science, Health, Engineering and Technology. The paper must also be published in a peer-reviewed journal/Conference.


Alexander Cuntz (World Intellectual Property Organization) and Matthias Sahli (World Intellectual Property Organization) "Intermediary liability and trade in follow-on innovation"

Registering to Host a Regional Workshop

In the year between the main international conference, the Association sponsors regional workshops. These workshops are currently held in South America, North America, Europe and Asia. 

If you are interested in hosting a forthcoming regional workshop please contact the current ACEI Treasurer/Secretary Bronwyn Coate ( for further information It is also encouraged that potential hosts flag their interest in hosting with the current President of the Association.

Previous Regional Workshops


European Workshop on Applied Cultural Economics

The 10th European Workshop on Applied Cultural Economics will be hosted by the University of Turin taking place in Turin, Italy. The workshop will take place 8-10 September.

The Ninth European Workshop on Applied Cultural Economics hosted by Copenhagen Business School and the University of Southern Denmark, Copenhagen, September 5-7, 2019.

The Third European Workshop on Applied Cultural Economics was held in Oviedo, Spain, June 14-16, 2007.


North American Workshops

North American Workshop on Cultural Economics

The 6th North American Workshop on Cultural Economics will again take place as a special stream at the Southern Economic Association Conference (SEA). The location and dates are TBC but this is likely to be held around November 2022. The workshop is being organised by Cameron Webber.

The Fifth North American Workshop on Cultural Economics held in conjunction with the Southern Economic Association (running as part of the Southern Economic Association Conference), Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States, November 23-25, 2019.


South American Workshop on Cultural Economics

The Second South American Workshop on Cultural Economics hosted by the Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdivia,Chile, December 5-6, 2019.


Asian Workshop on Cultural Economics

The 6th Asian Workshop on Cultural Economics will be hosted by Singapore Management University in Singapore. The dates of the workshop are TBC. This workshop is being organised by Su Fern Hoe.

The Fifth Asian Workshop on Cultural Economics hosted by RMIT University, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, July 10-12, 2019.

Other ACEI Sponsored Workshops

The ACEI co-sponsored the International Conference on Copyright and Cultural Industries with Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands in 2000 (papers published in Towse, R. (ed.) 2002. Copyright in the Cultural Industries, Edward Elgar Publishing).

The ACEI co-sponsored a weekend conference on the Economics of Museums with the Department of Economics at the University of Durham, UK in 1998  (papers published in Journal of Cultural Economics Vol 22. Nos.2-3, 1998).

The ACEI co-sponsored the Workshop on the Economics of Artists and Art Policy with the Arts Council of Finland in Helsinki, Finland in 1997 (papers published in Heikkinen, M. and T. Koskinen (eds.) 1998. Economics of Artists and Arts Policy, Arts Council of Finland, Helsinki).

The ACEI co-sponsored the International Symposium on Economic Perspectives of Cultural Heritage with the University of Catania, Italy in 1995 (papers published in Hutter, M. and I. Rizzo (eds.) 1997. Economic Perspectives on Cultural Heritage, Macmillan).

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