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The ACEI Working Paper Series (hereinafter ACEI WPS) is designed to facilitate the timely dissemination of preliminary scientific research in the field of cultural economics. The purpose is to give visibility to the early results of the community’s research activities, ensure circulation, proper citation, favour discussion and comments in the community, as well as to secure attribution of intellectual authorship and long-term preservation prior to publication in national and international scientific journals.

All works might be reviewed and even sent to referees in order to ensure they meet the minimum quality requirements. Every work will be identified by a progressive numbering. The channel of dissemination is the ACEI website, in a dedicated section, free of access by CC BY Creative Commons license. Wider dissemination of the works is ensured since the ACEI WPS is linked to international sites such as Ideas RePEc. Finally, circulation is also promoted amongst subscribers to the ACEI’s mailing list.

Requirements and guidelines

Works will be considered for publication in the ACEI WPS if they:

i) Have been presented in a seminar, workshop, conference or any other scientific event. This should be mentioned in a caption attached to the title.

ii) Are not yet or not planned to be submitted to a scientific journal when presented to the ACEI WP. There will therefore be a temporary three-month embargo on uploading to any journal from the date the paper is accepted. This is done to maintain the status of the working paper and to give value and usefulness to any feedback vis-à-vis future submission to a scientific journal.

Works must be written in one of the following languages: English, Spanish, or Japanese. For non-English works, the translation of the title and abstract in English is mandatory. The first page of the work should include the title of the article, author/s, affiliation, JEL codes, keywords, and abstract. The text of the abstract is mandatory and must not exceed 400 words. The main manuscript must follow the usual layout of the Journal of Cultural Economics. Once the work has been approved, the author(s) may license the paper under the Creative Commons with CC BY license.

To submit a working paper for publication in the ACEI WP Series, send the file in .pdf format to Andrea Baldin:


The current members of the ACEI WPS Board are:

Andrea Balding (Chair)Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy
Carlos CasacubertaUniversidad de la República, Uruguay
Kazuko GotoSetsunan University, Japan
Richard PaulsenUniversity of Michigan, USA
María José Pérez VilladónigaUniversidad de Oviedo, Spain
Yuki Takara, Bunkyo University, Japan

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