As part of the 21st ACEI Conference, the ACEI hosts a workshop for graduate students working on the economics of arts, culture and creative industries. Successful applicants get to familiarize themselves with the cultural economics community and to present a project (a paper or dissertation). They receive feedback from a senior researcher in a related field, as well as from fellow graduate students, and act as discussants for another student’s project.

The Chair of the Young Researchers Workshop is Dr. Christian Handke who is an Assoc Prof of Cultural Economics based at Erasmus University, the Netherlands.

Instructions for participants

The program for the Young Researchers Workshop outlines how the sessions will run. 

Participants in the YRW can also access the conference platform to network and engage with other workshop participants including moderators and those commenting on their research.

The YRW will take place on 6 July 2021, just ahead of the main conference. The entire conference, including the YRW, will be held online. In contrast to the main conference, the YRW will be held fully live, to ensure each paper is debated in an engaging, interactive and constructive manner. On the day, there will be three parallel sessions, six sessions in total, each featuring two to four papers.

Full papers are due by 28 June 2021, to aid discussants in the preparation. Full papers must be submitted to the conference organisers in PDF format. Participants are also able to submit slides they wish to use, although provided participants are confident to share their screen on the day it is not necessary to send slides. To submit papers (and possibly slides) please email by the deadline.

On the day, please present any slides by sharing your screen. Presenters may give their presentation, even if they cannot submit a full paper. However, only full papers submitted by 28 June will be eligible for the Young Researchers Workshop Prize.

We expect that presenters and commentators attend the entire session featuring their paper. All participants are heartily invited to also attend and engage with the other YRW sessions.

The session procedure

Links to the online sessions will be provided close to the date of the workshop. Each session will proceed as follows.

  1. Short welcome by moderator
  2. Paper 1 (presentation time ca. 15 minutes)
    1. Commentator paper 1 (max. 10 minutes)
    2. Comments from a fellow presenter/co-commentator (max. 3 minutes)
    3. General Q&A paper 1
  3. Paper 2 (presentation time ca. 15 minutes)

… and so on …

For each paper, there will be one specified commentator (a mid- or advanced career colleague with extensive experience in cultural economics). This commentator has 10 minutes of speaking time. Furthermore, each of the presenters is appointed as a co-commentator for another presenters’ paper and has 3 minutes to provide feedback. One of the commentators will also act as moderator of the entire session. Moderators are in charge of time keeping and of organizing the discussion.