In 1973, Professor William Hendon of the University of Akron, Ohio, founded the Journal of Cultural Economics and he organized the first international conference on cultural economics, at Edinburgh in 1979. He also started an Association for Cultural Economics (ACE) that held conferences in collaboration with host organizations in Maastricht, Netherlands (1982), Akron, Ohio, USA (1984), Avignon, France (1986), Ottawa, Canada (1988), Umea, Sweden (1990) and Fort Worth, Texas, USA (1992). In 1993, the ACE was transformed into the presently organized ACEI as a membership society with the election for officers and the adoption of the constitution.

Later that year, the ACEI entered into an agreement with Kluwer Academic Publishers, which had acquired the Journal of Cultural Economics from Professor Hendon, under which the Journal became the official journal of the Association. Kluwer was taken over by Springer in 2005.

Prizes and honours

Previous winners of the Pommerehne Prize

"The impact of the Droit de Suite in the UK: an empirical analysis," Chanont Banternghansa & Kathryn Graddy. Vol. 35, no. 2, May 2011
"Product Differentiation and Film-programming Choice: Do First-run Movie Theatres Show the Same Films?," Darlene C. Chisholm, Margaret S. McMillan & George Norman . Vol. 34, no. 2, May 2012
"Art versus Commerce in the Movie Industry: A Two-Path Model of Motion Picture Success," Morris Holbrook & Michela Addis. Vol. 32, no. 2, June 2008
"Distributors and Film Critics: Does it Take Two to Tango?," S. Abraham Ravid, John K. Wald & Suman Basuroy. Vol. 30, no. 3, December 2006
"Employing Travel Time to Compare the Value of Competing Cultural Organizations," Jaap Boter, Jan Rouwendal & Michel Wedel, Vol. 29, no. 1, February 2005
"Using Stated-Preference Questions to Investigate Variations in Willingness to Pay for Preserving Marble Monuments: Classic Heterogeneity, Random Parameters, and Mixture Models", Edward Morey & Kathleen Greer Rossmann. Vol. 27, no. 3-4, November 2003
"Efficiency and Inefficiency in the Ranking in Competitions: the Case of the Queen Elisabeth Music Contest," Herbert Glejser & Bruno Heyndels. Vol. 25, no. 2, May 2001

Previous winners of the Presidents’ Prize

"Fairness as a Constraint on Profit Seeking: Evidence from the German Club Concert Industry", Hendrik Sonnabend (FernUniversitat in Hagen)
"Time spent on new songs: word-of-mouth and price effects on teenager consumption", Noemi Berlin, Anna Bernard, Guillaume Furst
"The Effects of Culture on Firm Risk-Taking: A Cross-Country and Cross-Industry Analysis", Roxana Mihet (University of Oxford)
"Clustering does Not Always Benefit the Artistic Output: New Evidence for Classical Composers", Karol Jan Borowiecki (Trinity College, Dublin)
"Estimation of Demand Function for German Public Theatre: The Importance of Allocation of Leisure Time and Quality Factors for the Consumption of Performing Arts", Marta Zieba (Trinity College, Dublin)
"The Sales Effect of Word of Mouth: A Model for Creative Goods and Estimates for Novels", Jonathan Beck (Wissenschaftzentrum Berlin, Humboldt University)
"Art for the Masses? Justification for the Public Support of the Arts in Developing Countries: Arts Festivals in South Africa", Jeanette Snowball (Rhodes University, South Africa)
"De Re Coquinaria: The Recipe for Success in French Gastronomy, Does Creativity Matter?", Veronique Chossat (University of Rheims) and Olivier Gergaud (University of Rheims and University of Paris-I)
"The Determinants of Artistic Innovation: Bringing in the Role of Organizations", Xavier CastaƱer (University of Minnesota, USA) and Lorenzo Campos (iSOCO, Barcelona, Spain).

Previous conferences

The ACEI has organized plenary conferences biennially and occasional workshops and symposia. Papers from these meetings have often been published in the Journal of Cultural Economics (JCE); for some, a book has also been edited by the conference organiser(s).

16th ACEI International Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark.
(papers available on www.acei2010.com )
15th ACEI International Conference, Boston, USA.
14th ACEI International Conference, Vienna, Austria.
13th ACEI International Conference, Chicago, USA.
12th ACEI International Conference, Rotterdam, Netherlands
(plenary papers published in Ginsburgh, V. (ed) 2004. Economics of the Arts and Culture, Elsevier. Conference papers available from Theresa Oostvogels, oostvogels@fhk.eur.nl).
11th ACEI International Conference, Minneapolis, USA
(plenary papers published in JCE, vol. 25, no.4, 2001).
10th ACEI International Conference, Barcelona, Spain
(plenary papers published in JCE, vol 23 nos.1-2, 1999).
9th ACEI International Conference, Boston, USA
(plenary papers published in JCE, vol 20 no.3, 1996).
8th ACEI International Conference, Witten/Herdecke, Germany

Previous workshops and symposia

ACEI co-sponsored the Third European Workshop on Applied Cultural Economics, 14-16 June 2007, in Oviedo, Spain (for information contact Professor Roberto Zanola).
ACEI co-sponsored the International Conference on Copyright and Cultural Industries with Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands (papers published in Towse, R. (ed) 2002. Copyright in the Cultural Industries, Edward Elgar Publishing.
ACEI co-sponsored with the Japanese Association of Cultural Economists, a. symposium ‘Artists' Career Development, Artists' Labour Markets Support and Policies for Artists’ in Tokyo. The papers are available in a proceedings volume.
ACEI co-sponsored a weekend conference on the Economics of Museums with the Department of Economics at the University of Durham, UK. (Papers published in JCE vol 22. Nos.2-3, 1998).
ACEI co-sponsored the Workshop on the Economics of Artists and Art Policy with the Arts Council of Finland in Helsinki, Finland. (Papers published in Heikkinen, M. and T. Koskinen, T. (eds.) 1998. Economics of Artists and Arts Policy, Arts Council of Finland, Helsinki.
ACEI co-sponsored the International Symposium on Economic Perspectives of Cultural Heritage with the University of Catania, Italy. (Papers published in Hutter, M. and I. Rizzo (eds) 1997. Economic Perspectives on Cultural Heritage, Macmillan).