The Association for
Cultural Economics International

ACEI is a scientific society of around 150 members – including academic scholars, government officials, foundation officials, managers of arts and cultural organizations and artists – who share an interest in furthering understanding of the economic aspects of the arts and culture in their own countries and throughout the world. It holds international conferences every two years, sponsors small conferences, workshops, and sessions concerned with cultural economics at meetings of other scientific societies. It also sponsors the Journal of Cultural Economics and other publications.

Cultural economics is the application of economic analysis to the creative and performing arts, the heritage and cultural industries, in both the public and private sectors. It is concerned with the economic organization of the cultural sector and with the behavior of producers, consumers and governments in that sector. The subject includes a range of approaches, mainstream and radical, neoclassical, welfare economics, public policy and institutional economics and it also espouses interdisciplinary analysis connected to these topics.


The Association for Cultural Economics International (ACEI) has begun a search for a new Co-Editor for the Journal of Cultural Economics, to replace Kathryn Graddy (Brandeis University, USA), who has served in this position since 2012. Sam Cameron (University of Bradford, UK) will continue as the other Co-Editor. The Co-Editors collaborate with the Editorial Board. ACEI has the right to advice Springer to appoint new positions at the Journal of Cultural Economics editorial board. As such, this replacement will be discussed at the next executive board meeting next September. Nominations (including self-nominations, which are welcomed) should be sent to, as Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the ACEI, and should consist of a cover letter including a brief statement of their vision for the Journal, and a CV. Nominations do not necesrily need to refer to current ACEI members.

Nominations should be received by August 31, 2017.

ACEI welcomes new members…

Journal of Cultural Economics

The official journal of ACEI, published by Springer